Synergy Lab’s TalentTrack program was built for Canadian employers.

Working directly with companies who are interested in hiring foreign workers, our goal is to help alleviate existing labour shortages across the country, while promoting and educating on how to foster a culture-centric, diverse workplace.

As experts in our field, we know a thing or two when it comes to entering the Canadian market as an international, whether as an entrepreneur or professional looking for a new career opportunity. Backed by years of experience in this space, TalentTrack helps guide Canadian employers through the often-cumbersome process of hiring international talent. 

New to the immigration world? Not sure what all is entailed with hiring international talent? Let us walk you through the journey!

With Synergy Lab’s help, you can rest assured knowing the proper documentation will be submitted, such as the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA) – a document you may need prior to hiring a foreign worker.

We’ll act as your sound board, providing you insights into what to expect, and how to make the process successful.

Lean on our team, and our network of dedicated partners and immigration professionals, to help answer any questions or concerns you and your team may have along the way.

You’ve conducted interviews and have found educated, experienced workers to join your team. While they likely already have impressive credentials and years in the field in their home country, they’ve never worked in Canada.

In order to make this journey as successful as possible, and with employee retention in mind, providing your internationals with the proper training and educational resources will not only ease your mind, but will help ease theirs, too. This is where Synergy Lab’s TalentTrack program sessions come into play!

Your new team members are enrolled in sessions to build on their existing skillset and educate them on Canadian culture. They’ll spend time with our experts, covering pertinent topics such as Cultural Translations and Settlement Services, as well as industry-specific courses to help them skill up in preparation for transitioning their career to a Canadian workplace.

We’ve partnered with accredited Canadian organizations and associations to ensure the courses and material we’re providing program participants, are up to par and in line with current industry standards.

With this in mind, we encourage your team members to use their time as Synergy Lab clients to get to know our partners and community, and to take advantage of the opportunity to dive into the wealth of knowledge and expertise that, collectively, we have to offer.

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Personal Support Workers

Our tailor-made program, combined with a roster of knowledgeable industry professionals, leaves international participants and Canadian employers alike, with the confidence needed to succeed.

According to the Government of Canada’s latest Labour Market Survey, Personal Support Workers are in high demand across many provinces, Ontario being one of them.

With the help of our immigration specialists and industry partner, Synergy Lab’s goal is to help alleviate labour shortages while ensuring TalentTrack program participants have the opportunity to expand on their existing skillset.

While clients may hold the necessary health care credentials in their home country, the Canadian health care system, and workplace in general, comes with its differences.

Program participants will be introduced to our industry partner, the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association (OPSWA). They’ll provide invaluable information regarding working as a PSW in Canada.

“TalentTrack covered a range of essential topics, and I appreciate the detailed explanations and examples provided by the instructors. The information presented in the program was easy to understand, and the resources provided have been incredibly helpful in making my transition to Canada more comfortable.”
Rheylen M.
TalentTrack Participant, Philippines
“Working with Synergy Lab is easy and enjoyable. Their TalentTrack Program promotes a culture-centric, diverse workplace that resonates with our commitment to being an inclusive organization that recognizes the need for a diversified workforce and the immense benefits of international best practices, knowledge and community. ”
Christal Washer
SE Health
Canadian truck drivers are critical to the success of the manufacturing industry. They ensure people and businesses receive their shipments in a timely manner, helping keep the supply and demand moving as needed.

Every month, the Government of Canada measures labour statistics across the country – employment rates, shortages, vacancies, and wages – at a provincial, and even regional level. This helps them better assess the state of the Canadian Labour Market.

Transport truck drivers are in high demand across the majority of Canadian provinces. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with industry experts and immigration specialists to help experienced truck drivers living abroad, transition their careers to Canada.

In partnership with the Ontario Truck Training Academy (OTTA), TalentTrack program participants will be given the opportunity to expand on their existing skillset, to become better acquainted with working in the Canadian workplace. They’ll finish the program feeling confident and ready to tackle the next step in their career!


Through advocacy for excellence and consistency in training, services, and working conditions, OPSWA acts as the ‘voice’ of PSWs across the province.

Once TalentTrack program participants have landed in Canada and have a work permit in hand, they are officially registered as OPSWA members. As an OPSWA member, clients receive exclusive access to educational resources, networking opportunities, regulation updates and more.

OPSWA’s grandfathering program helps international Personal Support Workers succeed in Canada…and in collaboration with Synergy Lab, we help ensure a smooth transition in the next exciting step in our clients’ careers!

Learn more about the Ontario Personal Support Workers Association at

OTA was founded in 1926. Since 1926, OTA has been the voice of responsible trucking in Ontario. Reflecting the size and importance of the Ontario marketplace, OTA is one of the largest trucking associations in North America. It is also considered by politicians and the media to be one of the most overall effective, dedicated and respected trade associations in the province.

OTA has developed an excellent reputation with trucking companies across the country. In partnership with Synergy Lab, we help international truckers successfully transition their careers from their home country, to Canada!

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Are you a Canadian business interested in learning how to properly navigate the often-cumbersome process of hiring international talent? Lean on us for support!

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