Immigration Partners

Synergy Lab partners with registered Canadian immigration consultants, immigration lawyers, and affiliated/associated business consultants by providing services to help their clients successfully transition to Canada.

Through a partnership with Synergy Lab, our immigration partners can also connect their clients with industry leaders and subject matter experts within the Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor (EOIC).


We’ve built a level of trust within our network. In fact, trust is built into Synergy Lab’s mission. Our partners can lean on us to ensure their clients are taken care of…which means, they can worry more about the immigration side of things, and less on everything else.


At Synergy Lab, we’ve worked hard to build a community of partners, clients, advisors, mentors, accredited organizations, and government agencies. We’re very proud of the people that are a part of our amazing network.

Expand Your Portfolio

Oftentimes, immigration professionals may have to refuse clients due to a lack of time. At Synergy Lab, we’re here to take on a piece of the process and hold the clients’ hand throughout their journey. This allows our partners to take on more clients and expand their portfolio.



When you become a Synergy Lab partner, you reap the benefits of being part of our community.

We host our Quarterly Partner Meeting, where all our partners are invited to join us in person (or online) to discuss what’s happening at Synergy Lab and within the industry. We network, learn, eat and have a little bit of fun, too!

We offer Synergy Lab’s Partnership Toolkit, full of resources needed to properly market our partnership – social media posts, co-branded brochures, pitch deck for clients’ use.

We support you in hosting webinars for clients interested in joining Synergy Lab programs. 

…and so much more!

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“What truly stands out to me is the ease and helpfulness of all the staff. They have always been approachable and eager to assist both me and my clients. It creates a positive and collaborative atmosphere that makes working together a joy.”
Antonin Favreau
“Synergy is a a collective of highly professional, but equally caring and thoughtful business and community leaders. They understand that guiding the leaders behind companies can create profitable businesses conscious of their community. ”
Alexandre Lescouflair
"The Synergy team is experienced and very professional. I enjoy their positivity and genuine willingness to support us and, most importantly, our clients. Synergy is an invaluable support to our clients while establishing their business and family in Canada."
Glen Kennedy