Proper Market Research is critical to the success of any business.

Based on insights on consumer behaviour and econonic trends, it’s ultimately used to find customers and to validate and improve a product or service. It helps reduce overall risk, at any stage of the business, but primarily in the beginning.

Market Research is one we’ve seen great demand for. We have dedicated experts ready to help you and your business excel! The scope of this service includes both primary and secondary research methods. Our advisors are experienced in B2B and B2B2C research.

What's Included:

Initial Scope Meeting

This one-hour meeting will consist of in-depth interviews with your company’s key executives, to acquire the necessary information for positioning your product or service in Canada

Key Findings Meeting

In this one-hour meeting, you will receive an overview of the Market Research findings, including:

  • Description of Product or Service
  • Key Differentiators and Pricing
  • The Market (Trends, Size, Forecast, Segmentation, Purchase Criteria and Key Decisions)
  • Competition (Description, Pricing, Key Product Features and Differentiators, Channels and Brand Marketing, Perception/Awareness)
  • Market Segment Channels (Direct/ Indirect, Brand Influencers, Sales Cycles)
  • Key Findings and Analyst Perspective

Market Research Report

You’ll receive a 5-7 page summary report, which can be attached directly to your Business Plan.

"Synergy Lab's Market Research helped influence our path. It gave us a better idea of our competitors' focus, pricing, positioning, and how customer demand is changing"
Alireza R.
Market Research Participant