Helping Internationals Transition and Scale

At Synergy Lab, we take pride in serving international and immigrating founders of start-ups and existing businesses. These founders come from various sectors, but all have a level of technology and innovation embedded in their business, such as breakthrough research, ICT devices, SaaS, data and analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and blockchain.

Our clients are diverse, not only in their business models, but also when it comes to their home countries. Synergy Lab has worked with people from across the globe, in 25+ different countries, including Brazil, China, India, Iran, Nigeria, Japan…and many more!

Synergy Lab’s programs and services were designed with entrepreneurs in mind. We provide advice and guidance in areas such as go-to-market strategies, sale and marketing, understanding Canadian consumers, employment laws and tax regulations.

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“Synergy Lab is the best for soft landing international start-ups in Canada. Services are great, staff is thoughtful and service-committed, and they are just decent and fair, in a marketplace full of sharks. The search is over.”

-Joel Nascimento

“Synergy Lab is like a lighthouse for all the start-ups cruising through the ocean. And the Pioneer Program is like a map, because they have a lot of programs to teach you the way to go.”

-Alan Tam

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“After the Pioneer Program, I think all of my concerns are supported.  Because I got support from accounting, marketing, IP, financial. I know where to seek help when I need it. So, that really helped.”

-Shiyu Zhang

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“It’s almost as if you’re in a family setting. They push you forward to say ‘we want you to succeed.’ You know people are rooting for you,   that I must say, is important. Because it gave me a lot of confidence that I could do this.”

-Olufemi Awoyemi


Find out how these international startups and entrepreneurs achieved growth in Canada.

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Founded in 2019 and incorporated in 2020, Kevares provides autonomous mobile robots to

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