Synergy Customized

SYNERGY CUSTOMIZED allows our partnering agents to provide their international clients with a branded program tailor-made for their clientele.

Whether your clients are expanding into a Canadian market or exploring moving operations to Canada, together with Synergy Lab, we can provide you with precisely what your clients need to succeed.

Synergy Customized is a bespoke and comprehensive program, the core of which is to help educate entrepreneurs on topics ranging from finance, investment and operations to sales marketing and intellectual property protection. This program includes networking, mentorship, access to social events and knowledge-based tours, and can be delivered remotely or in-person.

What will you learn during a Synergy Customized program?

Synergy Customized provides one-on-one advisory and workshops covering a variety of topics including:

  • Product Market Fit
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Investment
  • Intellectual Property Protection
How long is a Synergy Customized program?

Synergy Customized can range from a fully-packed 5-day program up to a 6-week program – tailor-made for the needs of your clients.

How do I launch a Synergy Customized program?

If you are a Canadian registered immigration consultant, immigration Lawyer or affiliated/associated business consultant and would like to become a partnering agent to access Synergy Customized for your clients, please apply here.

If you are an international business and want to learn more about how you can work with one of Synergy Lab’s partners to access this specialized program, please contact us.

Our program is designed and delivered by leading industry experts from a wide range of sectors.

Sean Sheppard

U. Plus

Leslie Hughes

PUNCH! Media

Bob Weese

B2B Sales

Peter Mandl