Port Hope


About Port Hope

  • Port Hope is a municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, approximately 109 km (68 mi) east of Toronto and about 159 km (99 mi) west of Kingston.

  • Downtown Port Hope offers shopping and a historic main street. Port Hope is served by a Via Rail station. It has a medical centre, a walk-in clinic, and a community health centre.

  • It has had a daily newspaper since 1878, the Port Hope Evening Guide.

  • Remarkably picturesque community located on the shore of Lake Ontario and the Northumberland Hills.

  • Port Hope has a population of approximately 16,500

  • Visit https://www.visitporthope.ca view for information on what is happening in  Port Hope. 

Housing Costs


Things to Consider When Renting; The budget, The number of rooms needed, Roommates, Location and proximity to appropriate grocery stores, school, etc., Transportation, Renter’s insurance, Cost of utilities, Parking, Laundry, Tenant Rights


Public Transit

  • The Municipality of Port Hope offers transit services throughout the urban area. Check out the bus routes (including the Express Cobourg Shuttle), fares, and accessible transit options. Visit Via Rail and GO Transit for more information about transit routes throughout the Province.

  • Taxi services are available, providing additional transportation choices for residents and visitors.


Healthcare Hub

  • Northumberland Hills Hospital serves the Port Hope area and delivers a broad range of acute, post-acute, outpatient and diagnostic services.

  • The Community Health Centre of Northumberland is dedicated to promoting holistic well-being, the center provides primary care services with a focus on special populations, including the elderly with chronic conditions, at-risk youth, individuals grappling with mental health issues or addictions, and those on a fixed or limited income without local physician access. In addition to primary care, the center hosts diverse community outreach programs and workshops, covering areas such as diabetes education, nutrition, health, and lifestyle, https://porthopefoundation.ca/walk-in-clinic/


Support Services

  • Port Hope Public Library –  Extensive and comprehensive library programming and outreach that meets the diversity of needs in the community. Library programs are open to the public and largely offered free of charge. There are a wide variety of fun, informative and entertaining programs available at the library. See examples of your library’s programming below.

  • The Community Connections Program in Northumberland & Peterborough provides comprehensive support for newcomers, offering group activities to enhance social connections, visits to Canadian cultural sites, social events, and informal conversation classes. The program also facilitates volunteer matching for individual tutoring in English language and citizenship test preparation.

  • Volunteer Matching – opportunity to increase social connections, practice English language skills and prepare for the citizenship exam. 

  • Service Canada Port Hopehttps://www.ontario.ca/locations/serviceontario/queen-and-augusta-port-hope

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