About London

  • Home to nearly 400,000 residents, London, Ontario, is a hub for higher education, medical research, manufacturing, and technology.
  • Rich in heritage, arts, and natural beauty, London offers diverse recreational activities, from beautiful parks and museums to world-class performances.
  • Explore London’s history, transportation options, arts and heritage experiences, sporting events, and entertainment opportunities, including festivals, restaurants, markets, and inspiring activities.
  • London experiences warm summers and cool, dry winters, with temperatures ranging from minus-9 Celsius (16 degrees Fahrenheit) in winter to 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) in summer.
  • Founded in 1826, with a rich Indigenous history dating back over 10,000 years. European settlement began in 1793, and the city is committed to preserving and celebrating its extensive built heritage.
  • London boasts 14 museum experiences, including Eldon House, Museum London, and the First Hussars Museum, highlighting the city’s cultural heritage. London’s premier downtown park with a military history, featuring monuments, cannons, and a Sherman tank from World War II.

Housing Costs

2022 Average Prices 

Things to Consider When Renting; The budget, The number of rooms needed, Roommates, Location and proximity to appropriate grocery stores, school, etc., Transportation, Renter’s insurance, Cost of utilities, Parking, Laundry, Tenant Rights


Public Transit

  • London Transit Commission (LTC) operates the city’s public transit system, offering bus services that connect various neighborhoods and key locations.
  • Communauto is a car-sharing service available in London, Ontario, offering residents a flexible and eco-friendly transportation solution, allowing them convenient access to vehicles without the commitment of ownership.
  • London features bike-friendly routes and dedicated cycling lanes, promoting an eco-friendly and healthy commuting option.
  • Taxi services and ride-sharing options provide additional transportation choices for residents and visitors.


Healthcare Hub

  • London is home to major hospitals, including London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and St. Joseph’s Health Care London, offering a wide range of medical services, specialties, and advanced healthcare facilities.
  • The city provides specialized healthcare services, including cancer care, cardiovascular health, mental health, and women’s health, with dedicated centers and programs.
  • London has mental health facilities and services, providing crisis intervention, counseling, and support groups to address the mental well-being of its residents.
  • Telehealth services and virtual healthcare options enhance accessibility, allowing residents to consult with healthcare professionals remotely for non-emergency medical advice.
  • London has a well-established EMS system, ensuring prompt response to medical emergencies and providing pre-hospital care.
  • Dental services are available for eligible children and youth, adults enrolled in selected London Public Health programs, and seniors.


Support Services

  • London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC): Comprehensive services, including language training, employment support, and community orientation programs.
  • London Public Library – Newcomer Services: Offers language learning resources and cultural programs to support newcomers in the community.
  • Language Schools and Programs: Explore language schools affiliated with educational institutions for language learning programs. (Thames Valley District School Board)
  • Settlement Agencies: Organizations like the YMCA and other settlement agencies provide language and cultural support services for newcomers in London.