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Immigrating to Canada

As a newcomer to Canada, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start in terms of getting all your personal documentation setup, who to ask for guidance, establishing the appropriate bank accounts, and learning about the area and neighbourhoods you’ll be living in.

At Synergy Lab, we want you to succeed in whatever’s next in your journey. With that in mind, we’ve put together an ever-growing list of resources you might find helpful during your transition. Our hope is to make your to-do list a little less stressful!

Driving License

How do I get my Canadian driver’s license?

In order to legally drive a vehicle in Canada, you’re required to obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the government of your province or territory.

Social Insurance 

Do I need a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

If so, how do I get one? A SIN is required to work in Canada, or to receive benefits and services associated with government programs.

Health Care

How will I access health care in Canada?

Do I need a Canadian health card? Stay healthy while living in Canada by ensuring you have the proper documentation and health insurance in place needed to access health care. 

Language Skills

Where can I find resources to improve my English?

Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) can have its challenges, but there are many resources in place to help you improve.


How do I connect with my community?

Living in a new place can be overwhelming. Meeting people in your community will help you feel more at home. Find more information on Settlement Services, local community centres, places of worship, your neighbourhood and more.

Canada welcomes you! Want to learn more about living and working here? View and download the “Welcome to Canada: What You Should Know” document for more information.