Synergy Lab and Sobirovs Law: Working with Canadian Market Specialists (Interview)

Synergy Lab and Sobirov Law Interview

Recently, Nova Oliphant – Director, Business Development, International Markets, sat down with Rakhmad Sobirov of Sobirovs Law, to discuss aspects of the Canadian market that foreign entrepreneurs need to be aware. In this one-on-one interview, Nova talks about how Synergy Lab can help you establish your business on Canadian soil. Watch the interview interview below. […]

The immigrant entrepreneur visa program

Mike Lazaridis, Arlene Dickinson, Tobi Lutke, Susur Lee — what do these Canadians have in common? They immigrated to this country before going on to entrepreneurial fame. Each has a unique story, but immigrant entrepreneurs play a special role in this country’s economic development. First- and second-generation entrepreneurs undertake 34.7 per cent of all early-stage […]