Recovery Tech

Recovery Tech was founded in 2019 by a group of physicians and IT leaders — Dr. Kasra Afsahi, Dr. Maryam Soheilifar, Dr. Noushin Mehrbod, Dr. Nazanin Vahed and Omid Seyed Esmaili. This team developed a game-based virtual reality device that utilizes mixed and virtual reality, AR and AI to enable stroke patients to engage in therapeutic physical exercises for effective rehabilitation.


Founded in 2019 and incorporated in 2020, Kevares provides autonomous mobile robots to conduct a wide range of services, including inspections, lawn-mowing, litter collection and more. As these mobile robots are electric, Kevares contributes to reducing carbon footprint and increases efficiency by enabling its clients to allocate staff to more critical tasks, leaving repetitive or hazardous responsibilities to autonomous robots.

Coursana Canada

Coursana Canada is an advanced career development and e-learning platform that utilizes blockchain technology to deliver online courses and educational certificates that enhance professional training in various disciplines. Their ATS-ready Resume and Work Portfolio also automates the job-search process by matching keywords on a user’s online certificate with online job postings.